What should you know about prices before you do the permanent makeup?



New Procedures


All prices include an INITIAL PROCEDURE and a TOUCH-UP in at least 6 weeks.


After 12 weeks (if you reschedule or cancel your appointment), it will be considered as an additional touchup for $50. Keep in mind that I might not have time available to reschedule in that time frame.



Additional Touch-ups and Maintenance

 (fee per one procedure/per one zone)


Permanent makeup will fade over time. Factors that make fading faster are sun exposure, skin undertone, oily skin, client’s age, and frequency of using chemical peels and other rejuvenating products, vigorous exercise habits, medications, health problems (example: low thyroid).

The maintenance appointment is recommended every 1.5 to 2 years.

A rule of thumb is when you start using your eyebrow/eyeliner pencil to add color to your fading permanent makeup, it is time to schedule your maintenance appointment.


Your Maintenance price will vary depending


Additional Touch-ups and Maintenance Pricing:


4 to 6 months after the initial procedure - $50

7 to 12 months after the initial procedure - $100

1 to 3 years – a half of the current price

After 4 years - FULL PRICE



Shape Modification

(For existing clients)


If you decide to change a shape (thicken your brows or eyeliner, progress to eyeliner with a tail) after your initial two procedures, then extra time and work for redesign and pigment implanting will be required. It could be a two-session procedure.



Shape or Color Correction

(Previous work done by another technician)


May require multiple visits!!!


I receive many inquiries on correctional procedures for clients with previous permanent makeup work done by other technicians.  Please understand, it is much easier to start with a clean skin and it is very hard to correct some mistakes such as too dark or odd eyebrow colors, incorrect shape, and multiple eyebrows.  It usually takes a long time and a lot of patience for both the technician and the client and usually cannot be corrected without tattoo/pigment removal. The price will depend on a number and length of appointments needed.