PMU EyeBrows

EyeBrows done by Soft Shading/Ombre technique           ...$525



During this procedure, your eyebrows will drawn first, making sure they fit your face, as symmetrical as possible, taking in consideration all your requests. After your approval, we proceed with tattooing.

We use only the finest disposable needles, the safest and most reliable pigments and machines.


The Soft Shading is a new technique that is less traumatic than manual microblading or traditional “old school" solid shading. It gives a visual effect of soft airbrushed eyebrows (also called "ombre", "powdered", "stardust", "stippling", "blending", "blushing", etc.). Soft shading is good for almost all skin types and conditions, the healed result of soft shading is very predictable, correctable, soft, and natural looking.


Microblading fits only about 10% of all people because of different skin conditions, types and etc. The technician will explain what technique will fit you the best and you will be able to make a right decision.